About Us

Our Technology

The formulation of Herbal Zone products promote high-end technology and equipment in every step of the production process, right from crop harvest to cleansing of main ingredients from dirt and contaminants, drying and grinding, up to the final formulation stage.

In the interest of maintaining the quality of raw materials so as to consistently meet stringent requirements, we coordinate joint research programs with credited Bio-technological and Medical Institutions.

Our Quality Assurance

Herbal Zone adheres to the highest standards in manufacturing, according to International GMP. Stringent laboratory analysis which include microbiological and heavy metal contamination tests are conducted on both, the raw materials and the finished products, to meet the safety, efficacy and quality of each brand. Herbal Zone also applies quality control techniques through the detailed and careful scrutiny of raw materials used, as well as of the end product.

Our Commitment

It is our passion and commitment to promote the secrets and wonders of Food Dietary Supplements as well as Green Food Ingredients to the world by producing high-quality natural products. Each product in the Herbal Zone range has been carefully designed to meet the essential requirements of the human body. They function as convenient dietary substitutes to enhance the daily lives of its consumers, as well as bring vitality and good health in the long run.

Don’t get caught out with imitation products, be sure to look for our logo on all Herbal Zone products to ensure you enjoy the best results and quality ingredients. Proudly Herbal Zone!